About Our Planter Bamboo Caddy with concealed wheels:

This product line was designed by our company to allow you to easily relocate your plants in your home or office. Planters become heavier with the planting soil and the plant and consequently moving heavy planters can cause back injuries especially for the elderly. Our Planter Caddy is the only one in the market that is made out of beautiful bamboo wood and concealed wheels with its modern low profile look. Perhaps one of the most important questions you ask yourself when purchasing a houseplant is how heavy my planter will be after adding the soil and will I be able to move it ? Next question is will the Planter scratch my floor and will I have water damage my floor from over watering and spills?

Our BYB Planter Caddy is the solution for all of your concerns in owning a houseplant. It serves as a Planter Base, Saucer, Stand and Caddy with hidden wheels. It brings you Style, Quality and convenience.